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Every person has enormous potential which, if supported, nurtured and developed can enhance their own life and that of others. The communities I have worked with in over 80 countries confirm my belief that education can do much more to unlock this potential and give more ownership of education back to the learners themselves.

I have provided links to a number of Wordpress and Blog sites so you can contribute there but if you would like to contact me directly please use the following contact details

The main tools I have developed through my work internationally are as follows

REORDER – A method for ensuring that your school or Trust is aligned to its own vision and values at all levels from the classroom to the national policy level. Most information can be found at www.REORDEReducation.com. For further ideas you can look at the innovative schools workshops I wrote for Microsoft Partners in Learning Innovative Schools Programme. (www.is-toolkit.com/workshops.html ) I have used the REORDER structure throughout and have added notes in the ‘Personalisation by Pieces Approach’ document. Also in the INTEL learning series workshops which can be accessed through INTEL at www.intellearningseries.com

ACT – Achieving change through teams. Successful method for developing professional learning communities. In brief, it is ways for helping teachers work collaboratively. 

PbyP – Personalisation by Pieces. This won acclaim in 2005 as the first online method for providing authentic assessment of personal competency at scale using novice-expert systems. Over 200,000 children from over 8 countries regularly submitted work for peer assessment by children who had already achieved the required level of competency and so were able to act as assessors.  Most of the original tools for operating this early social network started to become available through other social sites making our prices less competative so the project ended in 2012.  I have since worked with four international providers of assessment to embed the algorithems for peer assessment we developed into their sites.

T-Route / P-Route – This has been incredibly successful in allowing teachers and schools to communicate more freely about their educational philosophy. Follow this link to an article I wrote describing the ideas.

Ladders– Most of my work is built around the idea that improvements have to be continuous. The need for motivation and recognition means that to try huge improvements all in one go is less effective than defining a series of steps or a ladder and reviewing progress at each step. I have applied the ladder concept to most of the processes in the list above.

SECRET Skills – In 2000 I was comissioned to develop a set of skills that contained all of those identified by schools, organisations and governments as being essential for learning and living.  I combined the 54 international sets available at the time into the SECRET skills.  These have since been adopted by schools in over 30 countries internationally.  Outstanding teachers always develop competencies of learners at the same time as they are exploring content. Outstanding schools recognise and support this and outstanding MOE’s prioritise these skills as essential tools for understanding and interpreting knowledge. Like all essential skills, they should be developed hand in hand with knowledge and repeated frequently throughout the curriculum. SECRET stands for:


  • Self management - confident, resilient self motivated people who relate well to others.
  • Effective Participators - ethical people contributing actively and positively to their communities
  • Creative Thinkers - problem solvers who can think outside the box and express ideas creatively
  • Reflective Learners - people who set themselves challenges and seek support to improve
  • Enquirers - who can recognise bias and opinion to reach considered conclusions
  • Team workers - who can work collaboratively and build complex organisations of teams

The skills under each category and the definition of each skill at 9 levels can be found at the following site. You can use the ideas as long as you reference them correctly and let me know so I can refer people to your work. http://learningbyladders.wordpress.com/secret/

I worked with Adams50 county in Denver who have modified the set to create an excellent scheme for use with all of their schools. They have called them their social standards and have simplified them as you see by following the link.

Keynotes and Workshops – Keynote presentations play an important role in re-energising change which can then be built upon through workshops. I have now delivered over a hundred such engagements in over twenty countries. The feedback from them has helped to further shape the development of SECRET skills and the personalisation of learning.

CEO – I have been really fortunate to become the CEO of a Multi- Academy Trust and have had the opportunity to share expertise nationally as a trainer for the National Professional Qualification for Executive Leaders.  I'm always happy to share such material as I believe excellent education has to be a collective goal.  I do occasionally add links to material I have put online as you can see below but rarely check if links are still working - please let me know if you find a broken one and would like access to the material via email.

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